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The 411 on Summit Print Co.

icon-02Before Summit Print Co. ever existed there was a man named Damion Mckinney who was working for a local
print shop in 2003 as the lead graphic designer for all media types in Memphis Tennessee. Over the years
the shop was slowly losing business, and finally it was time for them to close the doors to the shop for good.
Damion Knew he had to do something fast, so he found a used 4 color printing press, and set up a very small
Printing operation in his garage. Thus, in 2009 Summit Print Company was born. Long days and nights would
push Damion harder than he had ever been pushed, but with great determination, and with a no fail attitude, he began to perfect his craft and the pieces began to fall in place. Today, Summit still resides in Memphis, and with over 12
years in the industry, we are truly “Memphis Made”. Over the years, a one man operation has turned in to a multi person
Thriving business. We have added bigger machinery that allows us to print 1000’s of shirts a week, and allows us to produce
high quality designs and prints. Summit Print Co. is housed in a 5000sqft. shop located at 5154 Elmore rd., in Memphis TN.
The one idea that Summit still retains, is that our customers are our business, and it’s because of them that Summit has
grown in to the business that it is today. We also know that our work and craftsmanship is one of our strongest attributes,
and that we can never cut corners when it comes to giving our customers the apparel they want. Come and see us today,
our doors are always open, well, during business hours that is……

Our Mission

Our mission at Summit is simple. We will work with our customers to give them exactly what they want, in a timely manner,
and treat them with the respect they deserve. We will also continue to hold ourselves at a higher caliber than most, and we
only send our best work out of our shop. We will continue to research and practice new printing techniques that will allow
us to give our customers a product that they simply won’t find anywhere else.

About the Owner

Damion Mckinney graduated from the University of Memphis in 2005 with a degree in fine arts and graphic design. He
started Summit Print Company in 2009 in his home garage. Damion has over 12 years in the screen printing industry,
and is proficient in Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Dreamweaver, and Indesign.

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